A Boutique Hotelier’s Perspective on Co-Working and the Future of Hospitality

Ennismore Capital

Ennismore CEO Sharan Pasricha got his start in hospitality in 2012 when he purchased the Hoxton Hotel in London’s Shoreditch neighborhood. The boutique brand continues to grow, with three new properties being added in the U.S. this year. Ennismore Capital

Skift Take: The beauty of Ennismore’s flagship brand, Hoxton Hotels, is how it distills what the original boutique hotel pioneers did, but makes it relevant to today’s audiences on a more equitable, democratic scale. CEO Sharan Pasricha’s approach to hospitality — an outsider’s perspective, if you will — is equally refreshing.

— Deanna Ting

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Ryan Wolkov

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Author: Ryan Wolkov

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